An Egyptian princess was walking beside a pool, when suddenly a crocodile appeared in front of her. The princess knew she was lost, but to her astonishment the crocodile spoke in a human voice and said:

I will ask you a question. If you give the right answer i will let you live. If the answer is wrong, i will drag you to my nest and eat you.

Seeing no way way out, the Princess bowed and bade him to ask the question.

The crocodile said: ""The question is: Will i drag you to my nest and eat you?"

Which answer did the princess give the crocodile?

Yes Edit

If the princess answers "yes, you will eat me", what will the crocodile do?

  1. If he eats her, the princess would have given the right answer, so he shouldnt eat her.
  2. If he doesn't kill her the princess would have given the wrong answer and the crocodile would have to kill/eat her.

With this answer there would be a standstill. Either action of the crocodile would be wrong, contrary to his vow.

No Edit

If the princess answers "no, you will not eat me.# what must the crocodile do?

  1. he must let the princess go. she will have given the right answer.
  2. he must eat the princess, for then she would have given the wrong answer.

conclusion Edit

It is a very stupid crocodile. he should have eaten the princess in the first place, and there would have been no confusion.

Remark from the writer of this articleEdit

sorry, i bungled things up. i think i remembered the story wrong.

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